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What to Wear to a Wedding Party

Fashion Guide – What to Wear to a Wedding

Whenever you receive an wedding invitation which says that you are invited to attend your best friend’s wedding, you will definitely be glad. You will start to seek for the gift to be given to the happy couple. However, when the time has come, your mind will be blank to determine what to wear to a wedding. It seems that the outfits inside your closet are not appropriate for such occasion. It is because you will definitely want to look greatly in such occasion and you will avoid choosing the wrong dress which is not appropriate with the theme of the wedding.

dress for wedding
Giorgio Men’s Tuxedo Suit

What to Wear to a Wedding ?

Well, you might be so confused to choose what to wear to a wedding since it is very common that the invitation does not mention the dress code. However, by taking a look at the invitation, you can determine the proper dress that you need to wear. The first thing is that you need to take a look at the place and the time of the wedding. Outdoor party will demand some kind of less formal dress compared to the indoor party. However, the time also plays important role. Night party tends to make you wear the more formal dress than the day party.

what to wear to a wedding
Evening Party Prom Cocktail Formal Dress -by Hot from Hollywood

Well, up to this point, everything might be a lot much brighter, right? To give the example, for the daytime and outdoor party, if you are a woman, you can just wear some kind of gown which has combination of different colors. As for the man, you can wear casual dress such as shirt and trousers. However, when the party is held in vice versa condition, you need to choose the more formal one. For the woman, you can choose sexy dress with dark color and for the man you can choose tuxedo, black tie, and the likes.

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